Information About Action-Oriented People

Action-Oriented People are the ones with the talent to get things done. They are amazing negotiators and innovators, with an ability to think differently and deal with change in an effective and adventerous manner. Having playfulness in their lives is a must-have and they enjoy the energy created by being with others. They are natural optimists who seek to have solutions in-hand and accomplish things that nobody else had done before. 

What You Might Observe

  • Shows active body movement
  • Transitions quickly from one thing to another
  • Wears attention getting or casual dress
  • Possesses dramatic or flamboyant manner
  • Presents visible facial expressions
  • Tends to have a playful approach
  • Often points while speaking
  • Often appears excited

What You Might Hear

  • Tends to use “Let’s do it!”
  • Has fast paced, brief conversations
  • Shows enthusiastic expressions
  • Has varied pitch, animated, excited voice
  • Moves from one topic or point to another
  • Frequently uses unfinished sentences
  • Often reports being involvement in many things
  • Uses playful speech, laughter, and stories
  • Often promotes ideas, products, and activities

How to Communicate with an Action-Oriented Person 

  • Get to the point… fast!
  • Be open to explore alternatives and to come up with an outcome different than expected.
  • Don’t get upset if you don’t follow the agenda. It will take a little extra effort to stick to your topic and getting to the desired outcome of the meeting.

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