Information About Data-Oriented People

Data-oriented people thrive at solving the problems of the world. They are amazing strategists and visionaries. They are usually pragmatic and independent – priding themselves in their ability to tackle any complex issues that come their way.  Their ability to think abstractly and natural curiosity makes them ideal people to be the ones to sort through any challenges that comes their way.

What You Might Observe

  • Does not show emotions easily
  • Presents self in formal, more serious manner
  • May not appear casual or friendly
  • Appearance may be more unconventional
  • May come across as a quiet individual
  • Hands may be used to explain/show models

What You Might Hear

  • Tends to use “I think…” or “Let me think…”
  • Asks a lot of questions, particularly “why”
  • May want to establish credibility of speaker
  • Modulates voice with little emotion
  • May not always respond immediately and usually needs to think about it
  • Will respond negatively to wrong information
  • May point out errors or mistakes quickly
  • May want to improve on ideas shared
  • Will act irritated if asked to rephrase
  • Tends to be brief, concise, and sequential

How To Communicate with a Data-Oriented Person

  • Internal processors might come across as quiet, but, don’t be fooled! They are listening and thinking
  • You might not get immediate reactions or responses. A follow up might be necessary
  • Watch out for the conversation becoming too intellectual

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