Information About People-Oriented People

Driven by their dedication to relationships, people-oriented people are the ones who are in tune with their own feelings, the feelings of others, and care about what happens to those around them. They are into connecting at a genuine level and truly care about the well-being of their fellow humans. They are loving, kind-hearted, and nurturing. They make collaboration and harmony a priority.

What You Might Observe

  • Makes good eye contact
  • Focuses on the person they are talking with
  • Appears to listen attentively
  • Facial expressions indicate warmth and friendliness
  • Usually dresses in soft fabrics/warm colors
  • Shows a polite manner and nurturing posture
  • Stops doing paperwork to engage with others

What You Might Hear

  • Tends to use “I feel…” and speaks with feeling
  • Tends to use mellow, soothing tone of voice
  • Does not use threatening and might even use apologetic language
  • Often repeats what is said (active listener)
  • Checks before interrupting
  • Avoids or deflects conflict
  • Often enthusiastic about helping out
  • Uses frequent “I” statements

How to Communicate with a People-Oriented Person

  • You will have the best dialogue if you have taken the time to develop some closeness to this individual
  • People come before processes or deadlines
  • You might feel a little uncomfortable if you are not used to the “feelings in the workplace” concept

Want more detailed information? Read Kiersey’s Idealists.

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