Information About Process-Oriented People

Process-Oriented people have an amazing capacity to organize and plan. They are able to dutifully follow processes and procedures to meet an end goal. They are superbly hard working and dependable, and their attention to detail can always be counted on. They are the ones to show respect for and continue traditions, bringing a strong sense of right and wrong as well as order by outlining the rules that are expected to be followed. 

What You Might Observe

  • Tends to show business-like manner
  • Appears to have traditional look and dress
  • Has a neat, somewhat formal appearance
  • Makes lists or takes careful notes
  • Demonstrates controlled body movements

What You Might Hear

  • Tends to use “either…or” phrases
  • Voice tone sounds business-like, usually even and with little variation
  • Prefers information in writing or summarized
  • Wants detailed answers
  • Requests thorough information
  • Stay focused on topic
  • Wants to establish schedules and deadlines
  • Requests closure on subject or activity
  • Likes to explain things comprehensively
  • May sound authoritarian at times

How to Communicate with a Process-Oriented Person

  • Approach the conversation in a precise, systematic way
  • A detailed agenda (that you will stick to) would be appreciated
  • Provide direction and clear expectations
  • Be ready to provide explanations, if needed

Want more detailed information? Read Kiersey’s Guardians.

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