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Explore our tailored solutions where technology meets personalized learning. We excel in seamless tech integration while prioritizing engaging, learner-centric design. Discover the various solutions we offer to support you and your business initiatives, seamlessly blending the latest tools and methodologies into your experience.

Learning Technology​, Graphic Design, & eLearning

We use various tools that go beyond the traditional MS Office suite, including Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, and Vyond, among other eLearning-specific tools. Download the free infographic The Basics of eLearning to learn about our simple but effective design process.

  • Offer several creative ways to convert your content into meaningful units of information (e.g., short videos, animation, job aids, infographics).
  • Create superb short videos, record and produce Zoom webinars, and transform them into learning bits as needed. We work creatively to help you build an internal talent knowledge base to repurpose your content.
  • Consult on the right tools for your organization, and let us help you make informed choices when investing your dollars in Learning Management Systems, Performance Management tools, and other technology. 

Education & Coaching​

We provide talent development programs to unlock the potential for extraordinary growth. We support clients who are ready to expand their knowledge and skills in these three areas:

1. EXECUTIVE COACHING designed for individuals who are or soon want to be in a leadership or executive position. Clients embark on an in-depth exploration to examine how their behaviors are or aren’t getting them to the desired outcomes and help him/her establish and accomplish clear goals.  Learn more about “The Game Changer.”

2. PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING to assist individuals with fears and anxiety caused by speaking in front of audiences of any size (from one to one hundred!) or who are highly apprehensive about delivering presentations. Typically, her clients have tried traditional training workshops and practice groups and have experienced negligible progress or limited results. Learn more about “Discover Your Voice.”  

3. PERSONALITY STYLE AWARENESS through the True Colors® assessment and virtual or on-site workshops. Learn more about True Colors experiential learning.  The benefits include:

  • Exploring how to connect with others using the True Colors® model as a guide.
  • Improving communication skills to make the process easier and more effective—at work and at home!
  • Enhancing work-related performance and teamwork through effective dialogue with individuals at all levels. 

Leadership Surveys

We tailor tools to suit your organization’s and client groups’ needs. Choose from our ready-made surveys or collaborate with us to create a survey that perfectly fits your requirements.

  • Conduct a needs analysis to identify the right solution for your target audience.
  • Administer the chosen survey through Lunden International’s secure survey tool. This process is entirely anonymous to increase participation and engagement.
  • Provide comprehensive reports to each program participant with the results and special data reports made available to the HR team.
  • Offer coaching sessions for each survey participant to take action on their results.

Website Design Using WordPress

We specialize in working with small business owners seeking a thought partner and technology expert who will guide them through creating a results-driven website. We can help you in your journey to create a best-in-class tool. In partnership with you, we will:

  • Brainstorm the best site infrastructure for ease of use and low-cost maintenance. 
  • Build a site to clear specifications and support the creation of copy and graphic design, if needed.
  • Provide extensive guidance throughout the buildout so the business owner can understand what is being built and why. We want our clients to love the end product
Based on adult learning principles, Transformational Workplace Learning provides a proven approach to creating materials and programs that increase participant engagement, boost information retention, and change human behavior.
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