Coaching for Professional Advancement

Coaching offers tailored support for personal and professional growth. Presentation skills coaching builds confidence, executive coaching boosts leadership skills, and women’s coaching addresses unique challenges women face. Each type empowers individuals to unlock their potential and achieve success in unimaginable ways. 
Presentation Skills Coaching Program - Discover Your Voice

You’ve attended public speaking workshops and tried the quintessential practice groups. Are you ready for the next level? It’s time to experience something different! Eugenia specializes in working with immigrants who are English language learners and professional women. She helps them build their confidence and work on leveraging strengths and self-awareness, as well as conquering their fears. 

You are ready to do something different to advance, but the feedback you have received is not enough to make change happen. You need a coach to help you navigate the next steps. Are you ready to reveal your untapped skills?

Currently, we offer two coaching packages: THE GAME CHANGER™ and the EXECUTIVE Coaching (Introductory Package), which includes four 60-minute sessions over a two-month period. Additionally, we have the WISDOM™ program below.

Step into your power with this package tailored to ambitious professional women ready to soar to new heights. Designed to empower, inspire, and equip you with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of career advancement, this offering has your success in mind.  Elevate your career, unlock your full potential, and embrace the limitless possibilities that await as you embark on this transformative journey of growth and success. This package includes: 

  • Six 60-minute sessions to be used within a 3-month period.
  • True Colors® Personality Type Online Assessment with a 25-page report and debrief.
  • Eugenia’s WISDOM survey and debrief.
  • Wheel of Life assessment and debrief.
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