Tech-Powered Learning:

Where Innovation and Knowledge Unite

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Transformational Workplace Learning.
Imagine That!™

Surveys, Education & Coaching

Design and customize practical feedback tools for your organization. Gain a trusted partner to anonymously manage your survey process, deployment, and reporting. Get support in these three areas: executive coaching, public speaking coaching, and personality style awareness and education.

Learning Technology, Graphic Design & eLearning

Explore creative ways to convert content into meaningful units of information (e.g., short videos, animation, job aids, infographics). Build an internal knowledge base to create new learning experiences and repurpose content. Choose and implement learning management systems.

Website Design Using WordPress

Engage with a thought partner and technology expert while receiving extensive guidance to create a results-driven website. Throughout your website buildout, get explanations that make sense of what is being built and why. Embrace technology every step of the way while increasing your own knowledge. Learn to discover new ways of thinking and find how technology can be fun!

We Are Here to Support You!

Our primary focus is to facilitate the fusion of technology and learning. We are committed to streamlining every aspect of integrating technology into our client's business needs. In other words, we make complex tech projects and initiatives simple!
Our approach involves unraveling the complexities of tech tools, creating engaging user and learner experiences, and ensuring seamless processes.
We empower our clients to confidently embrace technological advancements, ensuring their journey toward innovative and impactful learning is effortless, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Client Feedback: Their Experience Matters

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Eugenia for ten years. She is extremely dedicated and talented and has been an asset to Armanino. When we hired Eugenia to build our internal Learning and Development function, I gave her the goal of making Armanino U the best development/training University in our industry within five years – she did!”
Andy Armanino
Former CEO & Managing Partner
@ Armanino LLP (2005-2018)
Chairman @ Moore Global
"Our experience with Eugenia was very professional and positive. I appreciated her input as we worked through this project -- very valuable and money well spent. Looking forward to partnering with her on future projects that will benefit our firm and career development of our employees!”
Mary Susan Donhauser
Director of Human Resources @ SC&H Group
“If I could use just one word to describe working with Eugenia and the team at Lunden International, it would be -- CONFIDENCE. I have confidence that she will deliver a learning product and platform that exceeds my expectations on all fronts. I have confidence in her ability to navigate the technical aspects of learning management while also producing a Hollywood-quality production. I have confidence that if any unexpected circumstances arise, I will hear from her immediately. I have confidence that she has created an asset that will continue to drive value and ROI for me for the foreseeable future. And I have confidence that she will keep all of her commitments to me. Like I said, confidence."
Art Kuesel
President @ Kuesel Consulting, Inc.
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