Employee Performance Management

Implementing comprehensive and integrated performance management programs is essential for aligning employee growth with organizational goals. These programs ensure clear expectations, regular feedback, and continuous development, boosting productivity and morale while driving sustained success. Below are potential solutions on how we can support you.

Performance Management Program Design
  • Conduct an organizational needs analysis to establish desired outcomes.
  • Design a customized program to fit the organization’s needs.
  • Write detailed program guidelines, including goals and objectives, audience, eligibility, timeline, deliverables, and evaluation criteria. 
  • Design and deliver customized training sessions, communication plans, and communications using various methods to increase user adoption of the new program.

Although programs can be designed independently, the PM program design is most successful when combined with the Performance Management System selection or configuration project.

Performance Management Program Design and Systems Selection
  • Analyze your organization’s needs, including business priorities, functionality, features, and solution’s complexity.
  • Identify the right Performance Management System to provide desired outcomes.
  • Support the selection of the Performance Management System.
  • Lead the performance management system’s implementation, configuration, and testing, including integration with other technologies such as HCM and SSO.
  • Roll out the new tool to the organization, including end-user training, change management, and communications to increase and accelerate company-wide adoption.
  • Examples of Performance Management Systems we can support include Lattice, HiBob, and SuccessFactors.
Upward Feedback and Leadership Surveys
  • Conduct a needs analysis to identify the right solution.
  • Design the appropriate customized tool for the organization.
  • Support the company-wide communications.
  • Administer the tool through the organization’s or Lunden International’s secure survey tool.
  • Provide comprehensive results to program participants.
  • Offer coaching sessions for survey participants to execute the results.
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