Eugenia Lunden
Learning , Talent Development & Workplace Technology Consultant

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Navigating the complex world where innovation intersects with technology can often resemble going through a maze. People frequently face the daunting task of utilizing new tools and systems that may not align with their core functions. Nowadays, many must swiftly adopt these methods with little training, support, or time to adapt to new thinking. My professional journey has been about simplifying this convergence, making these worlds more accessible and intuitive for everyone. 

I recognize that the rapid pace of technological evolution can overwhelm individuals, creating barriers to widespread adoption. Patience, active listening, and empathy are indispensable in supporting others’ success. Beyond introducing new technologies, my mission is to empower each individual to recognize the intrinsic value of technology as an enabler to their success rather than an obstacle to overcome.

I’m Eugenia Lunden. After completing a master’s degree in counseling, I immersed myself in various industries, from professional services and law to accounting, medical manufacturing, and technology. Throughout my career, I’ve held significant leadership and executive positions in Learning, Talent, and Organizational Development, fostering innovation and building a solid foundation to be a positive champion for change. I bring unique expertise to break down complex issues into practical steps, devising executable plans that yield tangible business results. Furthermore, my analytical skills have allowed me to quickly learn and adapt to the latest technologies. 

Furthermore, my personal life experiences and the numerous challenges I faced led me to embrace and incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in my work. I extend my focus beyond the conventional realms of race and gender, recognizing the significance of other factors such as disability and age, particularly in later career stages. By fostering environments that celebrate diversity in all its richness, I strive to create meaningful programs and solutions where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

My work is not merely about navigating the labyrinth of innovation and technology or rolling out the next trendy initiative. I see my contributions as a way to illuminate the path forward for all, forging a future where accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment take precedence. Put people first, and the work will get done because feeling valued and respected is a powerful and intrinsic motivator to learning and developing talent.

Over the years, I have become an expert in many tools, including numerous Learning Management Systems (DoceboWorkRampLearnDashCornerstone), Content Management Systems (WordPressJoomlaSharePoint), design tools (Articulate StorylineCamtasiaVyond), and online communication tools (ZoomTeamsSlack). Embodying a harmonious fusion of creativity and systematic insight, I have consistently delivered unmatched value to my clients, employers, and the projects I have led. 

Renowned for providing transformative learning events and unique coaching experiences, I’m dedicated to meeting my client’s needs and ensuring immediate and long-term success. A complimentary consultation is just a click away for those seeking support and are ready to embark on a transformative journey. I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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