Eugenia Lunden, Learning and Development Consultant

Eugenia Lunden

Learning, Talent Development & Workplace Technology Consultant

Navigating the complex world where innovation intersects with technology can often resemble going through a maze.  My mission? To help professionals recognize technology’s intrinsic value as an enabler of their success rather than an obstacle to overcome. Consequently, I have found meaningful and creative ways to support their path forward. I aim to create a future where accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment take precedence. 

I love learning, technology, and art. After completing a master’s degree in counseling, I immersed myself in various industries. These included professional services, technology, law, accounting, and medical research and manufacturing. Throughout my career, I’ve held significant leadership and executive positions in Learning, Talent, and Organizational Development. Therefore, as a leader, I infuse innovation and build solid initiatives to champion change positively. Moreover, as a learning and development consultant, I bring unique expertise to break down complex issues into practical steps. By devising executable plans, my work yields tangible business results. 

I’ve faced numerous life challenges. These led me to incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in my solutions. By fostering environments that celebrate diversity in all its richness and dimensions, I strive to create meaningful programs. Thus, I provide solutions where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. Through creating WISDOM™, a transformational program, I share uniquely designed concepts and tools to inspire positivity and encourage women to thriveTherefore, I invite you to CLICK HERE for more information. 

Over the years, I have also become an expert in many learning technology tools, including numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS/LXPs such as DoceboWorkRampLearnDashCornerstone), Performance Management (LatticeHiBob, and SuccessFactors),  Content Management Systems (WordPressJoomlaSharePoint), design tools (CanvaArticulate StorylineCamtasiaVyond), and online communication tools (ZoomTeamsSlack). By embodying a harmonious fusion of creativity and systematic insight, I have consistently delivered unmatched value to my clients, employers, and the projects I have led. 

In my free time, I immerse myself in the world of arts and crafts, where my heart finds its most authentic expression. I create visual stories and meaningful designs through my graphics, manifesting in the items I produce. A minimalist approach and aesthetics are my guiding light, illuminating each project with a keen eye for detail and simple harmony. However, color truly sets my soul on fire – specifically, all shades of purple! I paint emotions and evoke sensations with every hue and shade, letting the beauty of my creations speak volumes without words. In this world of textures, threads, fabrics, designs, and colors, I find my voice whispering tales of quiet enchantment through the language of artistic creativity. 

By integrating all of these parts of myself, I have become renowned for providing transformative programs and unique coaching experiences. I’m dedicated to meeting my client’s needs and ensuring immediate and long-term success. Therefore, a complimentary consultation is just a click away for those seeking support and are ready to embark on a transformative journey. In the meantime, check out samples of my work by visiting my portfolio or the various topics of presentations and workshops I can deliver. 

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