Cultivate Your WISDOM™​

The Principles

WISDOM™. It stands for Women Influencing Self-Directed Outward Motion.

I dedicate this women empowerment program to all the amazing women I have met in my life journey. They have been my inspiration. Through their inner strength and resiliency, they have shown me how to move forward despite their circumstances and barriers. Moreover, no matter what, they chose the road less traveled and conquered the impossible.

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The Story

Picture it: Los Angeles, California, sometime in the late 20th century; I was a Senior in high school after moving 15,000 miles away from my family and everything known to me as home. At 17, I was married to my first husband, who eventually became the father of my two children. I was young, broke, and could barely understand the language. BUT… I was determined to graduate from high school. At the time, I planned to be a full-time mother and housewife. Life had other plans for me. 

“You are lazy,” my high school counselor mumbled when I asked to be transferred away from an honors government class.🫤 I had just arrived in this country two months earlier, and my English was rudimentary at best, even after years of after-school lessons. When I moved to the United States several decades ago, I had no idea what these words meant. I was an immigrant who knew little about this country and could barely comprehend the request “you-want-fries-with-that?” 🍟 when buying the only dinner out I could afford at a fast-food restaurant.

Am I Lazy?

I believe we can all agree that “You are lazy” are not words anyone should use to describe me: a child who was born with a physical disability, and the only existence she knew was one filled with chronic pain. Yet she managed to walk, talk, and blossom into a strong woman and a resilient fighter. These words are not typically associated with a single mother who raised two children while pursuing an education in a foreign language. And eventually, going through a divorce and becoming a single working mother without any nearby family support. “You are lazy” certainly did not represent beating the odds that only 3 percent of all Hispanics in the United States get an advanced education, and barely 1.3 percent of private sector executives are Latinas. A woman reaching a C-level position is still uncommon in the business world. You got it. I am definitely not lazy. But these insensitive words propelled me to prove them wrong. 

What Do YOU See?

In my life journey, I have faced significant challenges and found equally great solutions. I fought stereotypes and debilitating conditions, encountered discrimination, and heard countless defeating messages along the way. Like YOU, I am a fighter, resilient, motivated, smart, and strong woman. My challenging life experiences taught me that each of us has unique answers. And now, I have a mission. 

Today, I invite you to put a mirror before you to see yourself. Really, please do it. You can stop reading and grab a mirror. Thank you. 😊 Let’s continue.

🪞Now, what do you see?🪞What is reflected in that mirror is your beauty and wisdom. YOU inspired me to create the WISDOM™ program and The Magic Power of Me. I created WISDOMbecause I want to help you find your version of success. The WISDOM™ framework examines ten dimensions that deeply affect professional women’s self-perception. It reflects on how internal messages affect our decisions and what we bring to the workplace. It explores the vast possibilities of what we can accomplish with limitless thinking. 

The Framework

The WISDOM™ framework looks at ten dimensions that deeply affect professional women’s self-perception, how internal messages affect our decisions, and what we bring to the workplace. It explores the vast possibilities of what we can accomplish with limitless thinking. The WISDOM™ program provides a platform to take an in-depth look at these areas, what they mean to you, and how they appear in your interactions with others. Moreover, it provides practical tools to promote self-empowerment and endless positivity. And just like I did, you can become the creator of your personal and professional goals so that your dreams can happen.

If you haven’t done so, watch the ten dimensions video above, download the free WISDOM™ Cards, and begin cultivating your own WISDOM™. You can also contact me for more information and check out the Wisdom Expressions store below, where you can find many of my artistic creations to encourage self-empowerment and positivity.

I believe in you. You can also achieve the impossible!

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