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“You are lazy,” my high school counselor mumbled when I asked to be transferred from an honors government class. I had just arrived in this country two months earlier, and my English was rudimentary at best, even after years of after-school lessons. When I moved to the United States several decades ago, I had no idea what these words meant. I was an immigrant who knew little about this country and could barely understand the request “you-want-fries-with-that?” when buying the only dinner out I could afford at a fast-food restaurant.

“You are lazy” are not words anyone should use to describe a child who was born with a physical disability, and the only existence she knew was one filled with chronic pain. Yet she managed to walk, talk, and blossom into a strong woman and a resilient fighter. These words also do not come to mind when thinking about raising two children while getting an education in a foreign language and eventually going through a divorce and becoming a single working mother without any nearby family support. 

“You are lazy” certainly did not represent beating the odds that only 3 percent of all Hispanics in the United States get an advanced education, and barely 1.3 percent of private sector executives are Latinas. A woman reaching a C-level position is still uncommon in the business world.
You got it. This is my story, and I am definitely not lazy

In my life journey, I have been presented with significant challenges and have found equally great solutions as I fought stereotypes and debilitating conditions, encountered discrimination and heard countless defeating messages along the way. Just like YOU, I am a fighter. I am resilient. I am motivated. I am smart. I am a strong woman. What I have learned through my difficult life experiences is that each of us has our own unique answers. And now I have a mission. Today, put a mirror before you to see yourself – the beauty and the wisdom within you. I have been inspired by many fantastic role models to create the WISDOM™ program because I want to help you find your own version of success.

The WISDOM™ framework looks at ten dimensions that deeply affect professional women’s self-perception, how internal messages affect our decisions, and what we bring to the workplace. It explores the vast possibilities of what we can accomplish with limitless thinking. The WISDOM™ program provides a platform to take an in-depth look at these areas, what they mean to you, and how they show up in your interactions with others. And just like I did, you can become the creator of your personal and professional goals so that your dreams can happen.

Check out the ten dimensions below to begin cultivating your WISDOM™!

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