Thank you for checking out our learning solutions portfolio. Feel welcome to use the downloadable materials and videos at no charge. While these sample materials are freely available, we’d greatly appreciate the acknowledgment of the authoring source. Remember to expand the videos for enhanced viewing. 

Transformational Workplace
Learning™ Animated Video

Based on adult learning principles, this video shows a proven approach to creating materials and programs that increase participant engagement, boost information retention, and change human behavior.

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Transformational Workplace
Learning™ Infographics

Infographics turn complex data into visually engaging formats, making information easy to understand and remember. They combine design and concise text to convey key insights to simplify comprehension quickly.

Learning Solutions | Writing Learning Objectives
DEIB Terminology Series
AI-Powered Microlearning Videos ​

These learning solutions portfolio show that we utilize the latest technologies to increase quality, reduce cost, and decrease time-to-market.

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The Magic Power of Me:
The Ten WISDOM™ Dimensions
Short Video and Printable Cards

Read about what inspired Eugenia to create the WISDOM™ principles and programs with original artwork. Check out our positivity store: Wisdom Expressions

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This checklist will help you identify all necessary features, requirements, and evaluation criteria that are systematically considered, leading to a well-informed and efficient decision-making process.

Professional Skills Development
One-Page Reference Guides

One-page reference guides are handy, since they provide concise, easily accessible information and key points at a glance, facilitating quick understanding and efficient recall of essential concepts.

Classroom Tools
Breaktime Background Video
& PowerPoint Show​

Playing videos as participants enter can set a positive classroom mood by creating an engaging and welcoming atmosphere from the start.

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Conversation Guides for
Employees & Managers
Talent Development

These useful career guides can facilitate meaningful conversations with employees, providing structured frameworks for discussing professional development, goal setting, and skill enhancement, among other topics.

Online Learning
AI-Powered Overview Video &
Articulate Storyline Tutorial​

Eugenia Lunden is a certified True Colors® facilitator who can administer assessments and deliver custom interactive learning workshops.

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Content Management Systems
WordPress Sites

Creating engaging WordPress sites relies on reflecting clear value to visitors by understanding their needs and preferences, and tailoring content and design accordingly to captivate and retain their interest effectively.

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